Monday, August 22, 2011

Are things getting worse in Ohio's economy?

*  I think it has become very apparent that when Ohio has a Republican in the Governor's office, and Republican control of the Ohio House and Senate, nothing works properly.
Besides that catastrophic passage of SB 5 that end collective bargaining, Ohio's Republicans have been pushing their far right agenda, instead of doing things that help people.  These same Republicans have taken so many days off that they seem unable and unwilling to meet deadlines.

Houston Chronicle:

As Ohio faced Monday's deadline to expand unemployment benefits and receive $176 million in federal stimulus money, state officials had not applied for the money and the General Assembly had not scheduled any sessions to take any action.

The federal government set aside $7 billion for unemployment compensation for states that broaden their unemployment programs. The provision is part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.....

....Meanwhile, Ohio's unemployment rate has been rising. It was 9 percent in July, up from 8.8 percent in June — the second monthly increase after a two-year decline. In the week ending Aug. 13, Ohio had 529,000 unemployed workers and 213,000 of them getting unemployment benefits.

While Gov. Kasich is flying here and there, and everywhere on the state-owned planes, people in Ohio are struggling.

>>>>>  Kasich is trying to float a rumor that the unions in Ohio are cracking. Kasich, uninterested in listening to anyone but himself, is trying to spread lies to boost himself.  I've seen and talked with many people who oppose SB 5 and the Republican agenda.  The only cracks appear to be in Kasich's agenda.  It is coming up a strong, united, solidified "rock" of hardworking Ohioans who are sick and tired of the attacks and disrespect displayed by this Republican administration and the GOP sheeple in elected office.

Ohioans know that their neighbors and relatives who are firefighters, police officers, teachers, state workers, and nurses, are good people who deserve to have rights on their jobs, and respect.  The people of Ohio know that these same good people need their support and plan to vote no on Issue 2.

*  A letter to the editor, published in the Idashostatesman, accuses the U.S. Senate of not doing anything to help reduce the debt.  The letter was signed by conservative, Tea Party Republicans, and Rep. Steve Stivers (OH-15th).   Their support for Paul Ryan's budget that cuts Medicare and Medicaid, shows their extremist agenda that favors the rich and corporations over the needs of regular Americans just trying to put food on the table.  This particular Republican controlled House of Representatives has passed few bills that have actually become law.  While they push for tax cuts for the rich, talk about their support for corporations over people, proselytize the words of Ayn Rand, they forget that they are in Washington, DC to serve the people, not ALEC, not oil companies, not millionaires/billionaires, and not special conservative, secret groups.

The country is waiting for these same Republicans to pass a jobs bill.  When will that happen?  Are they planning to do nothing until after the next presidential election because they hope the economy tanks under Obama?  When will these Tea Party Republicans even write a jobs bill?  It is really sad that the GOP focus appears to be on something other than regular people.  Where are the jobs????