Wednesday, August 17, 2011

No Way!

Tonight, We Are Ohio made the news on the Rachel Maddow Show and The Ed Show on MSNBC.  Ed Schultz had State Sen. Nina Turner on TV tonight for an interview.  Well done!

Kasich and the Republicans had plenty of time to have a session and repeal  SB 5 on their own.  Are Kasich, Shannon Jones, and the Ohio GOP suddenly afraid they are going to lose?

When I read about this latest news about Republican Gov. John Kasich offering to negotiate his way out of having Issue 2 on the ballot, I started to laugh.  This governor has been on a rampage to hurt the working families in Ohio.  He has called people names, and disrespected their work, education, and training.  Now he is begging for us to let him pick which part of SB 5 he'll enforce if SB 5 is taken off the ballot????????


 In life, we make our choices, and then we deal with the results.  Kasich already made his choice.  Prior to the November 2010 election, Kasich said that he wanted to "...break the backs of organized labor in the schools..." (see StarBeacon)

After the election, Kasich wanted teachers to take out full page ads to apologize to him (see CrooksandLiars):

Even before taking office, Kasich had something to say about police and firefighters.


Gov.-elect John Kasich outlined a wish list of changes he would like to see regarding employee unions Thursday, including eliminating union-scale wages paid on public construction projects.....

.....Since his election last month with 49 percent of the vote, Kasich has said teachers’ unions would have to take out full-page ads in newspapers across the state to apologize to him before he would invite them to the table; and he said that he would rescind two executive orders signed by Democrat Ted Strickland that led to the unionization of 14,000 home health care and independent day-care providers.

Kasich added: “I really don’t favor the right to strike of any public employee. OK. That’s my personal philosophy. How practical that is to implement, you know. But my personal philosophy is I don’t like public employees striking. They got good jobs, they got high pay, they got good benefits and great retirement.What are they striking for?”

When SB 5 was going through committees, the Republicans had to change members of the committees to get their SB 5 passed through the committee.  John Kasich is  not a very nice man.  He has ignored the Ohio Constitution, ignored pleas from workers, and now he wants to negotiate.

John Kasich called a police officer "an idiot."  Do you remember this?

Kasich even recorded a secret video to thank the Koch Brothers' front group, Americans for Prosperity, for their support.

Kasich and the Republicans hurt the working people of Ohio.  My answer to Kasich's plea for a deal is this-----No way.