Monday, August 15, 2011

Parents Turning Down Kasich's Voucher Expansion

*  What? Parents are showing a lack of interest in scooping up Gov. Kasich's school vouchers? Are parents turning down the opportunity to send their children to failing charter schools? OMG!


Interest from Ohio parents has been light as the state expands its offer for vouchers that allow children to move from low-performing public schools and into private schools.

The state budget signed by Gov. John Kasich at the end of June more than doubled the number of taxpayer-funded vouchers available for the new school year under what's formally known as the EdChoice Scholarship Program. The state will provide as many as 30,000 scholarships, an increase from the previous cap of 14,000 vouchers, which are worth up to $5,000 each.

 The Ohio Department of Education collected more than 15,000 applications earlier this year when the state thought a smaller number of vouchers would be available. The department reopened its online sign-up system on July 1 and by Friday had received 1,300 new applications, said Patrick Galloway, a department spokesman. The deadline is Monday....

It appears that parents have more faith in public schools than Kasich thought.  It might also be that people in the state just aren't interested in anything being sold/offered or signed into law by Gov. Kasich.