Saturday, August 13, 2011

Do you support the repeal of SB 5?

All eyes in Ohio have been on the vicious attacks that have been orchestrated by the Kasich administration and the Ohio Republican Party.  With the Ohio governor saying that he wanted to "...break the backs of organized labor in the schools..." (see StarBeacon), and later, calling a police officer an "idiot," (see YouTube), people know what the middle class is up against.

Plunderbund has uncovered some background info that shows that someone associated with a certain media group has tried to derail the repeal of SB 5.  If you really want to know the agenda of the Ohio GOP (destroy the middle class), you need to read Plunderbund every single day.  Here are two Plunderbund posts to get you up to speed:

*****  The Huffington Post has the numbers:

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's personal wealth – up to $250 million – survived the nation's economic crisis, according to figures released Friday. But his pledge to sell off interests that conflict with his GOP stances did not extend to some investments in a family charity.

The new records make clear that Romney is much wealthier than President Barack Obama or any of Romney's GOP opponents. The immense fortune controlled by Romney and his wife, Ann, is worth $190 million to $250 million – within the same range as his 2007 presidential financial disclosure records, his campaign said.....

Do you remember that "joke" Romney made about being unemployed?  If you had hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank, would it matter if you had a job?