Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More Reasons to Vote NO on Issue 2....

*  The Dispatch has a front page article on the fight against and for SB 5.  (The Dispatch supports SB 5 in keeping with their pro-Kasich, pro-Republican, point of view.)  The Dispatch has Ohio Senate President Niehaus confident that SB 5 will stand, and even has him saying that if the vote on SB 5 doesn't favor the Republicans, they could bring up similar legislation.

Vote NO on Issue 2.

> > > > > Here is a story that you may not have heard about----  Firefighters Cancel Dispatch Subscriptions

The president of the Columbus firefighters' union says many firefighters and their stations have cancelled their subscriptions to The Columbus Dispatch to protest the newspaper's support of Senate Bill 5.....

....He says he knows it won't have a great effect on the Dispatch's bottom line, but it does make a political statement by the firefighters.

I wonder what would happen if every central Ohio police officer, firefighter, state employee, nurse, and teacher decided to end their delivery of the Dispatch to protest the newspapers pro-SB 5, pro-Kasich, pro-Republican mantra.   Hmmm.


 **   This morning DailyKos has a bunch of information on campaigns and elections, including a little something about Ohio:

OH-Sen: Republicans endorsing other Republicans usually isn't news, but this is an exception: GOP Rep. Jim Jordan just offered his backing to Treasurer Josh Mandel, who is running for the Republican Senate nod. Jordan, you'll recall, landed himself on the redistricting hot seat when he tried to sabotage House Speaker John Boehner's debt deal from the right. A Senate run seemed like a decent alternative to walking the plank, but with this endorsement, it looks like Jordan's closed that door on himself.

By the way, this Weekly Standard piece says that Mandel "does not anticipate a primary challenge." That's awfully weird, since ex-state Rep. Kevin Coughlin is not only running, but has already attacked Mandel on a few occasions. Does Mandel expect Coughlin to drop out, or to register as nothing more than nuisance level?

Is Coughlin just going to be forced out by the Ohio GOP?  Mandel certainly sounds over confident.

***  An organization that is working to inform the public about the dangers we face with fracking and other issues, has a very informative website that every person should visit.  Neogap.org has videos, scientific information, and reports showing some of the problems associated with the aggressive drilling of oil and gas companies.  Despite assurances from elected officials and owners of energy companies, problems still are occurring.  Visit Neogap.org and check out this ABC News video about fracking.  With Gov. Kasich pushing the fracking in state parks and state property, we need to be informed about possible dangers.