Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rules and Laws Apply to Republicans Too!

*  You may not believe this, but Republican Josh Mandel still has not released his financial disclosure to the U.S. Senate as required by law for all candidates.  Mandel is only 100 days late!!!!! Can you imagine the arrogance?  Have you ever ignored a law for 100 days????

People are starting to talk about the odd, suspicious campaign contributions that include huge amounts of money from employees of a certain pro-Mandel company owner. 

While Josh Mandel has put all public employees salaries online, he has refused to disclose his personal financial disclosure.  If you need further evidence of the Josh Mandel campaign's unsavory operations, check out the following link:  SeattlePI.

****  Gov. John Kasich, who still can't believe that Ohio has a constitution, has some news this morning.

Two Democratic lawmakers and a liberal advocacy group have refiled their lawsuit against Gov. John Kasich and Jobs-Ohio, challenging the constitutionality of the state’s new private economic- development nonprofit.....

.....opponents, including many Democratic lawmakers, have questioned the constitutionality of a private entity using public funds without public oversight of the process.....

.....The suit specifically challenges whether the state has the authority to make equity investments in private companies and whether lawmakers and the governor had the power to create JobsOhio the way they did.....

Rules and laws apply to everyone----- even Republicans!

Someone needs to tell Kasich that he is not on Wall Street anymore.