Friday, September 01, 2006

Tiberi and Pryce: Doing Flip Flops

Republicans, Deborah Pryce (OH-15) and Pat Tiberi (OH-12) are flip flopping on some important issues. Personally, I think both of them are so worried about losing their re-elections that they'll say or do anything to win. We know that what Pryce and Tiberi say now does not predict what they will do in the future. With a little pressure from other Republicans and the White House, they will both follow the Republican commands like the lapdogs that they are. Pryce and Tiberi will continue to take Republican campaign money and support from the national party but they just want to avoid those photo ops with Bush.

Today's Columbus Dispatch has an article titled Tiberi Latest Republican to Break Step with Bush. The Columbus Dispatch is notoriously pro-Republican. Anything they print will not destroy the political futures of any Republicans.

Pryce and Tiberi must be doing some of their own polling and are frightened about the results.

If you need a visual, check out the pictures posted above from Plunderbund that show Deborah Pryce (left) and Mary Jo Kilroy (right) in a local parade. Who has the largest number of supporters?