Thursday, September 28, 2006

Good News Bad News

Good news from Emily's List, as posted at CQ Politics:

Ohio’s 15th. White said the contest between Pryce, the House Republican Conference chairwoman, and Democratic county commissioner Mary Jo Kilroy is now a dead heat and that district voters prefer a Democratic-run Congress to a Republican-run Congress by a 10 percentage-point margin.

“It’s an exceptional opportunity for us to put another Democratic win in the column in Ohio, where ... the mood for change and the ethics issues have really overshadowed so many of the Republican races there,” White said. White was referring to ethics scandals that have embroiled outgoing Republican Gov. Bob Taft and several of his associates, as well as retiring Rep. Bob Ney, who recently pleaded guilty to corruption charges involving his past ties to convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff.....

I have some questions for Deborah Pryce:
1. Why did she take $103,000 from big oil for her campaigns?
2. Why did Pryce vote to give big oil $3.8 billion dollars in tax breaks? Pryce's behavior does not help the people of Ohio.

Bad News-----Warning: Traffic Problems Ahead in Columbus, Ohio Today!
President Bush will be in Columbus today to help the ethically-challenged Ohio Republicans.

Update: According to Open Secrets, Republican Rep. Deborah Pryce has taken $11,000 from Checksmart employees for this election cycle. Checksmart is one of the check cashing places.