Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ney's Plea Deal Reminds Ohioans of Republican Corruption

The New Philadelphia Times Reporter has this:

Rep. Bob Ney’s admission of guilt comes at a terrible time for Republicans, both in Ohio and nationally.

For the first time in months, GOP strategists had been enjoying a spate of good news and were starting to believe that the upcoming congressional elections may not be the disaster they were all dreading. But now, Ney bursts back into the news with sordid tales of taking thousands of dollars in poker chips from a Syrian businessman while accepting untold free trips, fancy meals and golf junkets from corrupt lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Just when they need it most, Democrats – courtesy of Ney – have been given a great opportunity to change the subject from national security back to Republican corruption....

Here is a visual to help you remember this widespread scandal within the Republican Party---

Ohio BWC + Gov. Taft + Bob Ney + Tom Noe = Ohio Republican Corruption

When you think of corruption, you think of Republicans.