Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pryce Considered Vulnerable

In a real turn of events, Republican Rep. Deborah Pryce has had to get help from other Republicans to try to keep her seat. The Hill has an article that explains how Pryce, who used to help raise funds for others, is now receiving financial support. Here is an excerpt from The Hill:

...In previous years, Pryce, who chairs the GOP Conference, has held fundraising events and channeled money to promising women candidates and vulnerable female GOP members through her Value in Electing Women, or VIEWPAC. But this year, Pryce is locked in a tight race and is focusing her late campaign efforts on retaining her seat....

More details are emerging about Ohio Republican Rep. Bob Ney. Here is an excerpt from a Boston Globe article:

...Ney pleaded guilty to accepting campaign contributions in exchange for favors -- an offense that comes uncomfortably close to business as usual in Washington...

...The Ney case includes free golf junkets, the use of skyboxes at Washington sports events, and thousands of dollars in free gambling chips from a Syrian-born businessman known as ``the Fat Man."

All of these Republican corruption scandal in Ohio and Washington, DC are just plain icky. How far are these Republicans willing to go to help their special interest contributors? How many other Republicans are involved in similar unethical behaviors?