Saturday, September 23, 2006

New Republican Scandal in Ohio Government

Oh my goodness! Can't we go a few days without another Republican scandal in the Ohio government????? Really! This is just horrible!

The Dispatch has the details:

...An ongoing investigation by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services is targeting 11 workers in its unemployment compensation division.
Agency spokesman Jon Allen told The Dispatch yesterday that department investigators have substantiated that two parttime employees collected jobless benefits while working.
Similar allegations against nine other full- or part-time employees remain under investigation, Allen said....

Don't you love the phrase "ongoing investigation" from the article? How long has the investigation been ongoing? Obviously, the Republicans cannot supervise their employees and run the various state departments/agencies. If the Republicans in the state government spent more time doing their jobs instead of raising money for the GOP, perhaps the state wouldn't be in such bad shape.

***President Bill Clinton will be on Faux News this weekend. Clinton wins with a smackdown on Chris Wallace. Read the transcript and you'll feel great all day! Think Progress has the transcript. I think Chris Wallce must have peed his pants during this interview.

Go Buckeyes!