Friday, September 08, 2006

Cook Report: Ohio's 15th District Now a Toss Up

A new ad has just been released by MAJORITY ACTION and it can be seen here at YOU TUBE. The ad describes all the trips Pryce has taken. You can see it here.
While Pryce was taking all those trips, many people in central Ohio were looking for jobs, trying to cope with rising gas bills, or dealing with the loss of health insurance. I hope she has good memories of those trips because if she loses the election, she'll have to pay her own way next time!

>There is good news this morning from the Cook Political Report!

Ohio's 15th congressional district, now held by Republican Rep. Deborah Pryce, has gone from being "leaning Republican" to "Toss Up." What does that mean to central Ohioans? It appears that the voters in central Ohio are abandoning Pryce. This is good news for Democratic candidate Mary Jo Kilroy. Here is an excerpt from the Cook Report:


OH-01 Steve Chabot, Lean Republican to Toss Up
OH-15 Deborah Pryce, Lean Republican to Toss Up
OH-06 OPEN (Strickland), Lean Democratic to Likely Democratic

>The Republicans in the House and the Senate cannot even agree on legislation. Like little kids having a playground fight, Republicans can't put aside their differences to work on a comprehensive immigration bill. Republicans in the House, who wanted extreme measures to deal with immigrants could not even come close to a moderate Republican Senate immigration proposal. The Republicans have to get their egos out of the way before they start dealing with real problems facing this nation. It is no wonder that Republicans haven't accomplished anything. The Merced Sun-Star has more.

>If you live in central Ohio, you've seen those stupid Pryce ads that theorize "we can't afford Mary Jo Kilroy." WE CANNOT AFFORD MORE OF DEBORAH PRYCE! While Pryce continues her support of the Bush administration and the corrupt Republicans, central Ohio continues to lose jobs. The war in Iraq, which Pryce supports without question, continues to rage. We are spending $250,000 per day in Iraq and losing our sons and daughters in Iraq. Twenty thousand American service members have been wounded and maimed. Pryce and her Republican party can no longer be trusted to lead this country or spend our hard earned money in Iraq. While our national debt grows with Republican pork legislation, our children and grandchildren will be left paying for these Republican mistakes for years to come.

It is time for a change.