Monday, September 18, 2006

Pryce Really, Really Admires Bush

>>The Boston Globe has a quote from Republican Rep. Deborah Pryce (OH-15) which shows her almost giddy support and approval of President Bush:
``It's great to see the president doing what he does best," said Representative Deborah Pryce of Ohio, the chairwoman of the House Republican Caucus. ``The momentum is going in the right direction. People are learning that there's a distinct difference, that there is a choice between the parties. People need to understand what the risk is of a change here."

Despite what Pryce has said about her "independence" from the Bush agenda, she appears almost cult-like in her admiration of Bush. Pryce's support of Bush seems to be in great contrast to how Americans feel. According to Rassmussen, the President's approval rating has gone from 47% on September 14th to 41% on September 17th. What is the explanation for the drop? Are Americans realizing that Bush and his party are failures?

>>According to the Washington Times, Republican drawn congressional districts will decrease the chances of losing seats. One of the congressional seats that the Republicans think is safe is the 15th congressional district. Here are some excerpts from the article:

....Three top Democratic takeover opportunities are in Republican-leaning Ohio, where a gloomy political climate has raised Democratic hopes of a major comeback in the state.
They are:
• The 1st Congressional District, where Rep. Steve Chabot faces a tough rematch with Democratic challenger John Cranley, a Cincinnati City Council member who ran against him in 2000.
• The 15th Congressional District, where Franklin County Commissioner Mary Jo Kilroy, a Democrat, is aggressively challenging Republican Rep. Deborah Pryce.
• The 18th Congressional District currently held by Republican Rep. Bob Ney, who pleaded guilty Friday to federal corruption charges and will not seek re-election. Republican state Sen. Joy Padgett is running against Democratic lawyer Zack Space.
All of them are on elections analyst Stuart Rothenberg's list of "pure tossups," but Republican officials said the districts have been redrawn to withstand just the kind of aggressive Democratic offensive they expect in November.
"Both the 15th and 18th district lines were changed and strengthened after the 2000 census, as was the 1st district," Ohio Republican state Chairman Bob Bennett said.
"I feel good about where we are and feel we've turned the corner, though it doesn't mean we don't have a battleground here. We do," he said....

So if Republicans aren't worried, why are they spending so much money on political ads????