Friday, September 15, 2006

Mary Jo Kilroy is a Buckeye

Mary Jo Kilroy graduated from The Ohio State University Law School. Why do I need to say it? Yesterday, Republican Pryce was all over the news with her visit to the White House to rib Bush about the Buckeyes win over the Longhorns. Pryce also is a Buckeye.

As a Republican and Buckeye supporter, Pryce gets invited to all the big parties in the huge press box and at the Huntington Club in Ohio Stadium. She gets to hang out with Gov. Bob Taft, Bob Ney, and other well-heeled Republicans in the private parties. While Ohio State students have to pay higher and higher tuition because of cuts from the state and federal government, Pryce, Taft, and the rest of the high-living GOP enjoy the good times.

Buckeye Alums like to support other Buckeyes. Mary Jo Kilroy is a Buckeye who needs our support, both financially, and in the voting booth.

Ohio voters----remember to bring a picture ID to vote.


Here is another reason not to vote for Pryce (Yubanet):

The League of Conservation Voters (LCV), the independent political voice for the environment, today named Rep. Charles Taylor (NC-11) as the tenth member of the 2006 "Dirty Dozen," following his selection for the dubious honor via an online poll. LCV's Dirty Dozen list highlights members of Congress with the worst environmental records, who have consistently sided with special interests against the best interests of the environment, public health and taxpayers.

Rep. Taylor, whose lifetime LCV score is a paltry 5%, received 40% of the votes for the "winning" spot. Tying for second were Rep. Mike Sodrel (IN-9) and Rep. Deborah Pryce (OH-15) with 18% each and taking the "show" spot was Rep. Dan Boren (OK-2) with 16%. Rep. John Hostettler (IN-8) finished last with 8% of the vote....

Simply said, Pryce is anti-environment and pro-special interests (Where have we heard that before?)


WBNS-TV, channel 10 in Columbus, Ohio is reporting that the head of the Ohio GOP, Bob Bennett, is asking that Republican Rep. Bob Ney resign immediately. Ney said he will not resign.

Another day, another story of Ohio's culture of Republican corruption. It just keeps getting better.


If you are lucky enough to go to see the Buckeyes tomorrow at Ohio Stadium, check and see how many Republicans you can see in the press box.