Saturday, September 02, 2006

Keeping the Facts Straight in Ohio

Let me set the record straight----
1. Ohio has experienced the largest corruption scandal in the state's history and it involves REPUBLICANS.

2. Republican Rep. Deborah Pryce (OH-15) voted AGAINST RAISING THE MINIMUM WAGE 7 TIMES, but voted to raise the minimum wage ONLY WHEN IT WAS TIED TO ABOLISHING THE ESTATE TAX.

3. Ohio has lost hundreds of thousands of jobs since 2001.

4. Ohio has lost 116 of our sons in daughters in Bush's war in Iraq.

5. Ohio's Republican members of the House of Representatives all have had dealings with Jack Abramoff, the convicted lobbyist (campaign money, favors, and political fundraisers at his Signatures restaurant.)

6. Ohio's Republicans have been caught red-handed taking campaign contributions from PACs and individuals associated with oil, drug, and insurance/financial companies.

7. The Republicans control the government in Ohio, the three branches of the federal government, and they still can't get anything done.

8. The Republicans in the House and the Senate provide no oversight and at the present time, we are spending $250,000/day in Iraq for what has become a civil war. The only people who are happy are the stockholders for Halliburton.

If you think it is time for a new direction in this country, vote for change. Vote Democratic!

I've got to go to watch the Buckeyes! GO BUCKS!