Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Questions for Republican

I have assembled a list of questions to ask of Ohio Republicans:

1. Is Republican Rep. Deborah Pryce concerned that her Republican colleagues think she might lose this fall? (The Hill)

2. Why should people re-elect Republicans to any Ohio office considering the corruption, mismanagement, job losses, and major problems their party has created for this state?

3. How do Republicans feel about their best fundraiser, Tom "Coingate" Noe, getting a sentence of 27 months in federal prison for three federal felony charges?

4. Would Republicans still use the "pay-to-play" concept (political contributors get state contracts) if they win their elections?

5. Why does Republican Sen. Mike DeWine wear plaid shirts in his political ads?

6. Why do Republicans still use fearmongering every election?

7. How can Ken Blackwell, Republican candidate for Ohio governor, consider himself an outsider when he has been part of the Ohio Republican-controlled government for years?

Ohio Republicans cannot intelligently explain why they should be elected for any office. They've messed up our state and our country with their corruption, arrogance, hubris, and greed.

It is time for a change in direction. It is time for new leadership.


Have you seen the video Have You Had Enough? It is posted at Fire Dog Lake.

Visit the You Tube site for information about Deborah Pryce's trips.

If you are really interested in promoting change in Ohio and our country, visit the following websites and get involved:
Kilroy for Congress Strickland for Governor Sherrod Brown for U.S. Senate