Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

* Why is the state of Michigan promoting their state's tourism in Ohio? We lived in Michigan for four long years and I do not plan to return.

* New practices in Ohio agriculture are helping the state and our farmers, according to a column in the MansfieldNewsJournal:

....In 2009, we are a society cognizant of our actions, moving toward self-sufficiency and sustainability. We use canvas shopping bags, we repair and reuse and we are connected to the needs of our local communities. We have rediscovered one of the undeniable benefits of reducing waste: What is best for the environment is often best for our wallets.

Agriculture is following that movement of sustainability...

...Ohio agriculture is already preserving our rural heritage, supporting the economy and helping us meet green energy needs. Supporting and promoting sustainable practices ensures that Ohioans will be able to enjoy these benefits and live off the land for many years to come.

It bears repeating...."...What is best for the environment is often best for our wallets..."