Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth, Jackets, and Money

* I remember the first Earth Day celebration on the campus of The Ohio State University in April of 1970. Little did I know that the spring of 1970 would change our lives in so many ways. (A few weeks after that first Earth Day, the students were shot at Kent State.) Today, the Lantern has an article about Earth Day activities.

* Even though the Columbus Blue Jackets lost three games in the playoffs against the Detroit Red Wings, fans in central Ohio are still very proud of the Jackets. Bob Hunter has a column in this morning's Dispatch:
....Although Detroit's victory was disappointing for the local fans, it probably didn't totally spoil the evening. The fans cheered every big hit by a Columbus player, and after R.J. Umberger scored the team's only goal to cut the lead to 3-1 with 3:53 remaining, they went back to chanting. For a lot of fans, this night was a destination in and of itself, with or without the victory.....

* Is this the beginning of the end for Filene's Basement????? The chain has been sold to a liquidator, according to the Dispatch.

* Some the right wing county commissioners Republicans in Warren County, Ohio, have turned down money from the federal stimulus. In an effort to play politics with people's lives, these buffoons decided that the people of their county don't need help. According to the Oxford Press, the unemployment rate in Warren County, Ohio, is 8.7%. Obviously, the arrogant Republican commissioners don't care about the unemployed or their families.

Meanwhile, other Ohio counties are asking for the money that has been refused by the Warren commissioners. The Toledo Blade is reporting that Lucas County Commissioner, Ben Konop, has asked for the money for his county. (Note: Warren County, Ohio, is in the congressional district of Republican Rep. Jean Schmidt. Need I say more?)