Thursday, April 02, 2009

Good Stuff and Not So Good Stuff

Good stuff:
Gov. Ted Strickland has signed new transportation legislation that will help improve Ohio's economy with money provided by the federal stimulus package.
....The measure will allow truck drivers to push the pedal to up to 65 mph on the state's interstates, instead of the current truck speed limit of 55 mph.

The budget also will let the state seek federal funds to launch passenger rail service connecting Ohio's major cities.

And, the legislation makes extended unemployment benefits available to an estimated 35,000 Ohioans.

Those people who will get extended unemployment benefits should realize that the bill passed in the House and the Senate because of Democrats. Not one Ohio Republican voted for the stimulus package.

I look forward to the day when we can travel to Cincinnati or Cleveland by train. It will certainly open many possibilities. When I was a child, my family traveled on trains. It was definitely a fun, less stressful way to travel. If you've ever been to Europe, you are aware that trains provide an important means of transportation.

>>>> Not so good....

Word has it that Republican Jon Husted, sometimes from Kettering, but mostly from Upper Arlington, will soon announce his intention to run for Ohio Secretary of State. Hopefully, someone will follow him around with a video camera to record his temper, which is well known by state employees.

Ohio Republicans want to control the voting process in the state. If you remember, that is how George W. Bush became President. All Ohioans, Democrats and Independents, must work hard to keep Husted and Republicans out of the office of Ohio Secretary of State because they plan to restrict voting.