Monday, April 06, 2009

Ohio Republicans Still Offer No Real Solutions

Questions about Ohio's school funding first went to court in 1991 with a court case. Several years later while George Voinovich was still governor, the Ohio Supreme Court declared that Ohio's school funding was unconstitutional. In the meantime, nothing has been done to fix the way the state of Ohio funds public education. The Republicans have controlled the state for decades. They've passed laws about flags, the silly Defense of Marriage Act, and several other nonsensical, right wing legislative activities, but they've done absolutely nothing about school funding.

Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland announced a plan to fix the school funding issue. Democrats in the state legislature have hailed his recommendations for correcting decades of problems. However, the Ohio Republicans are doing nothing. For example, Republican Jim Hughes offered a law about urine collecting, but nothing about funding public education. (See Ann Fisher's commentary in the Dispatch about Hughes and the urine-fetish bill.)

Now another Ohio Republican has tried to slow down the process of correcting the funding issue.
State Rep. Seth Morgan filed a lawsuit against Gov. Ted Strickland in the Ohio Supreme Court on Monday.

Morgan, a Republican from Huber Heights, said he wants the governor's office to turn over all correspondence, including e-mails, regarding how the administration arrived at its new evidence-based school funding formula, 10TV's John Fortney reported....

Ohio Republicans have failed repeatedly to fix the problem. The Republicans need to stop their stupid antics and get something done. Ohio's school children are suffering and falling behind because of the Republican Party's lack of efforts for equitable public education funding. They need to provide leadership or get out of the way.