Friday, April 10, 2009

Ohio News for Friday
Ohio likely will lose one of its congressional seats — and perhaps two — after next year’s census, Gov. Ted Strickland said.

The governor pointed to that fact in emphasizing the importance of the decennial population count, after signing an executive order establishing a committee to ensure residents’ participation.....

With redistricting and the census, the new congressional lines will bring big changes to Ohio politics.

* Columbus hockey fans are happy and hopeful for the Columbus Blue Jackets.
USA Today:

That the Columbus Blue Jackets' secured their first playoff berth in franchise history doesn't mean there's a "Mission Accomplished" banner hanging in the team dressing room....

Go Jackets!

* The parents of Matt Maupin, an Ohio soldier captured and killed in Iraq, keep his memory alive through their Yellow Ribbon Support Center in Clermont County, Ohio, according to
It was Friday April 9, 2004 in Iraq, high noon, when insurgents captured Private First Class Keith "Matt" Maupin of Batavia, Ohio, during an ambush on his convoy.

"Matt went to Iraq to do his part for the country," said his father, Keith Maupin. But his son would never return alive. Promoted to the rank of staff sergeant while he was listed as missing, Matt Maupin's remains were found last March and returned to Ohio on April 26, 2008.....

....The anniversary of Staff Sgt. Maupin's capture also marked the fourth anniversary of the Yellow Ribbon Support Center's awards dinner. More than 100 scholarships were handed out to high school students in Maupin's honor. The soldier's father says $240,000 in scholarship money has been raised since the program began.

**** Do you remember the campaign that the payday lenders had last year to try to stop the cap on their interest rates? A majority of the payday lenders did not leave the state and they are still making money off of people. I feel so sorry for people every single time I see them walk out of one of those places.