Wednesday, April 15, 2009


> Ohio has an inadequate school funding mechanism that was ruled unfair by the Ohio Supreme Court decades ago. Despite calls by parents and teachers to fix it, state legislators choose to ignore the problems. As a result, teachers and school staff members lose jobs, and Ohio's children fall behind with cuts in programs, books, and educational materials. Cuts will occur in the Oregon school district, Beachwood, Canal Winchester, just to name a few. The teacher layoffs are like a regular spring ritual in Ohio, and unfortunately, will continue until someone fixes the method by which schools get their funding.

> The huge factory egg farm in Union County, Ohio, will have an impact on the land and water in the area, according to an article in the Columbus Dispatch:

A 6-million-chicken farm proposed for Union County might have to get the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency's approval and take extra steps to protect a nearby stream from pollution before its first egg is laid.

Ohio EPA officials said the farm, to be built by Hi-Q Egg Products, based in Johnston, Iowa, will pollute Bokes Creek, a stream already contaminated by other nearby chicken farms. They say they don't believe Hi-Q's claims that its farm won't harm the stream....

....The Ohio EPA is concerned about a plan to spread 23.5 million gallons of manure-contaminated water used to wash eggs on 160 acres of farmland that Hi-Q owns near the barns. EPA officials said pipes under the field that drain storm water would send pollutants to streams that drain to Bokes Creek....

Yuck! Do you remember when former Republican candidate Steve Stivers helped Hi-Q get into Ohio?