Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Read This

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones is thinking seriously about challenging Republican Rep. John Boehner in the Republican primary, according to a story at Although people regard Boehner as safe, there seem to be some grumbling going on in his district.

* Movieweb has information about an academic survey completed by The Ohio State University:


Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert has become the subject of an academic survey conducted at Ohio State University titled "The Irony of Satire: Political Ideology and the Motivation to See What You Want to See in The Colbert Report." The survey, conducted among 332 undergraduates, concluded that many conservatives believe that Colbert is on their side. As reported by today's (Wednesday) Chicago Tribune, the researchers observed that "conservative viewers often don't comprehend Colbert's "deadpan satire" and process his messages "as being conservative, Republican, and disliking liberals." The study was uploaded on Colbert's website beneath the headline, "Science Proves Stephen Colbert Also Popular With Conservatives."

Is it possible that Republicans don't understand that he is mocking them?

** If you're interested in seeing some behind the scenes photos from the White House, you must visit the slideshow at Huffington Post: