Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Is it enough?

Republican golden boy, Jon Husted, has turned over some records to Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner in order to prove his residency.
Dayton Daily News:

....The documents include a single Dayton Power and Light bill from April 2 showing his monthly usage as 197 kilowatt hours at his home at .... Sherbrooke Drive, Kettering.

The average residential user consumes 940 to 1,200 kilowatt-hours of electricity a month, depending on whether the home is heated by gas or electricity, said Kelly Millhouse, spokeswoman for Dayton Power and Light.

Husted did not submit his water bills, but records obtained from Montgomery County show his usage at the Kettering home since 2002 was far below the 1,600 cubic foot average for his Castle Hills residential neighborhood....

The newspaper article also reports that Husted has done some whining because he felt Brunner should have taken only his sworn statement about his residency. I think Mr. Husted is very accustomed to getting his own way. For example, someone should investigate how the Austin Interchange (see Dayton Daily News article) got moved to the front of the line while other more important projects were left behind. How many people in the Ohio Department of Transportation did Husted call to get his pet project moved to the front of the line? Who owned the land around the area where the interchange is being built? Do these current/previous landowners have ties to Husted or any other Republicans who pushed for the Austin development? I'm just asking.