Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Providing Leadership

While some people might say that President Obama has been trying too hard to fix problems left by the previous administration, most of us realize that he doesn't have the luxury of sitting back and resting. There is just too much to do. When George W. Bush was declared President, he had a surplus to cushion the beginning of his administration. President Clinton had provided jobs and a thriving economy. Unfortunately, Bush made everything a mess with an unnecessary war in Iraq, a lack of oversight with the financial community, and other missteps.

Right now President Obama is providing us with strong, positive, leadership. He is providing change in the way Washington does business. For that, we are grateful.

However, some people are concerned about the fate of the American automobile companies. We, the American people, lent them money and expected the automakers to assess their companies and make adjustments. The autoworkers who have lost their jobs and taken buyouts have sacrificed their way of life. It is not too much to demand that the CEO's and executives provide real plans to make their companies leaner and more efficient.