Friday, March 08, 2013

I'd Like to Know....

*** The political feud between Gov. John Kasich and State Auditor Dave Yost continues. I've never been a fan of Dave Yost's because he tried to stop the vote recount in Delaware County, Ohio, during the 2004 election (see my post at StubbornLiberal). This time I'm glad that Yost is the only Republican standing up against Kasich's power grab.  If the State Auditor can audit agencies, school districts, and other entities, he/she should be able to audit some super secret, backroom, private organization that our tax dollars have invested in without our permission.

As an Ohio taxpayer, I'd like to know....
- Which companies and organizations received money from Kasich's JobsOhio?
- How much did each receive?
- How were recipients of our tax dollars picked?Were there formal applications?
- Did any of these companies/organizations have previous ties, or business with Kasich?
- Did any of the CEO's, individuals, or companies have ties to Lehman Brothers?
- How many of these recipients have contributed campaign money to any politician/GOP?
- Exactly how many jobs have been created with this money? Are these full time jobs?

I'm just a little old lady in central Ohio. The good people of Ohio probably have even more questions than I've suggested. It is time for Kasich to let Ohioans know what is really going on in JobsOhio.