Sunday, March 31, 2013


> Some of us already knew this about Ohio's charter schools.
Lancaster Eagle Gazette:

Seven in 10 Ohio charter schools wouldn’t make the grade under the state’s new school rating system, which will replace ambiguous terms with an A-to-F scale.

The new rating system, signed by Republican Gov. John Kasich in December, measures school performance based on a variety of factors from test scores and third-grade reading skills to closing achievement gaps and graduation rates.

An Ohio Department of Education simulation of how schools would perform showed 72 percent of charter schools would receive a F for not meeting 75 percent proficiency on state tests. That’s compared with 6 percent of school districts and 21 percent of traditional buildings that would receive failing grades....

Even though charter schools are failing, Gov. John Kasich wants to give them more money. What else can you expect from the Kasich budget? With looming layoffs in Cincinnati in safety forces, Ohioans should expect further layoffs in their own towns.


Republican Rep. Steve Chabot describes his views of compromise----no new taxes, but concessions from Democrats on Social Security and Medicare. has the details.


It is hard to see how the Republican Party is succeeding with their outreach to Latino voters when then have someone like Rep. Don Young of Alaska. Young's comments about immigrants employed as farm workers shows that some people in the GOP just are not open to welcoming everyone to their party. The Guardian Express has details on GOP Rep. Don Young's remarks.