Sunday, March 10, 2013

Want to lower debt? End the war!

* John Boehner and the Republicans cry crocodile tears for their wealthy contributors, while they dismiss the needs of the poor, the elderly, school children, Social Security, and Medicare recipients. The solution to lowering the debt is simple: end the war and bring our troops home. That would save billions of dollars.
* * *

* An editorial in the tells Gov. John Kasich what Ohio's school districts need.....'stable funding': from the Ohio Department of Education’s school funding forms show that total per-pupil state funding from 2009 to 2014 increased from $3,573 to $3,697 – just $122 per student, over five years. 

School leaders say it’s simply not been enough to cover rising utility costs, benefits and even modest salary increases, let alone the cost of implementing the Common Core curriculum or the state’s Third Grade Guarantee....

 ....Money drained to charter schools and vouchers – even from top-performing districts – is compromising basic education....

Gov. Kasich is pushing for an unfunded mandate by demanding his Third Grade Guarantee program but not providing enough money to support it. Could it be that Kasich is setting up the schools for failure on purpose?

The more money given to charter schools, the less money traditional public schools are getting, even though they are educating a majority of Ohio's children. Ohioans want to know why Kasich and the GOP continue to pour our state money into poorly performing charter schools. Our money is being wasted to line the pockets of Kasich's friends that own charter schools.