Thursday, March 21, 2013

Send them an email....

It is time for some civic action-----

* One of Gov. John Kasich's biggest supporters, State Rep. Mike Duffey, is seeking your views on the governor's budget (see ThisWeek). Duffey, who actually had Kasich campaign with him, also supported SB 5/Issue 2, and JobsOhio. The Kasich budget, which makes more cuts to communities, public schools, etc., certainly appears to be unfriendly to human beings in Ohio.

Please let Mike Duffey hear from you about how you feel about Duffey's total adoration of Kasich's pro-business, anti-middle class agenda.
  Mike Duffey
  Phone (614) 644-6030
  Fax      (614) 719-6960
Email Representative Duffey

Duffey needs to hear from his constituents.

>>>  Just when you thought that the Republicans were trying to work together, Boehner now wants to reopen future budget negotiations by trying to cut Social Security and Medicare.  The NY Times has the latest from Boehner.