Thursday, March 07, 2013

They Want to LOWER the Minimum Wage

* The Republicans and their pals at ALEC want to lower the minimum wage. Can you imagine that? What a stupid, stupid, stupid idea!!!!

Raw Story:

The conservative lobbying group Alec has been behind a major push against the pay rates of low-wage American workers by sponsoring or supporting scores of new laws aimed at weakening their protections, a new survey has found.

Since 2011, politicians backed by the American Legislative Exchange Council, which has hit the headlines for previous campaigns on voting rights and gun laws, have introduced 67 different laws in 25 different states on the issue.

The proposed laws are generally aimed at reducing minimum wage levels, weakening overtime protection or stopping the local creation of minimum wage laws in cities or states. Using language similar to “model bill” templates drafted by Alec, they were put forward by local politicians who are almost always Republican and affiliated with the powerful conservative group.....

Republicans supported by ALEC, the Koch Brothers, and other right wing groups should be aware that the American working men and women will not allow more rights and wages to be taken away so that the Koch Brothers can get wealthier.  Shame on anyone that suggests lowering the minimum wage. We are not going to let the greed of some stop the progress of the American middle class workers.

If you are interested in lists of legislators that have signed onto the ALEC manifesto, visit SourceWatch (Ohio's legislators and those w/ties like Kasich), and ALEC Exposed.

By the way, Pro-Publica has the list of ALEC-related contributions received by elected officials, including Steve Stivers.