Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Still More....


* Is it me or does it seem that Ohio Atty. General Mike DeWine has almost daily news conferences, announcements, ore TV interviews. I've lived in Ohio a long time and I cannot remember any previous office holders in that positions that seem to be such a media hog as DeWine.

>>>>  Politifact has a rating for Speaker of the House John Boehner's latest statement:

....Boehner said that the White House and Democrats in the Senate have no plan to replace the sequester.

He’s wrong on both counts. Obama has a proposal for replacing sequestration cuts with a mix of tax increases and spending cuts. And Senate Democrats have filed a sequester-replacement bill taking a similar approach.

Pants on Fire!

Yep. Boehner is telling a tall tale.

•••••>>> Ohio's police, fire fighters, teachers, and correction officers might have thought that they were safe when SB5/Issue 2 went down, but one must remember that Gov. John Kasich is a vindictive person.  Plunderbund lays out the continued attacks by Kasich to undercut the rights of those in our community that we rely on for our safety, security, and education of our children.  The IAFF, AFL-CIO, FOP, OHEA, AFSCME, the AFT, and others should alert members about Kasich's current budget being considered by the Ohio General Assembly.

Ohio's workers need to work against this budget and against the re=election of Kasich and the Republicans that support it.

>>>> Ohio GOP leader, Bob Bennett, is keeping his word to retire in May, according to 10TV. The person in the lead to replace Bennett is Matt Borges.  Borges does have a little problem in his background. You can read the articles at 10TV and Plunderbund.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reminds Ohioans of Borges and his ties to Joe Deters.


*** The White House supports unlocking cellphones, according to an article at

The Obama administration issued its support Monday to reverse a recently enacted ban on unlocking cellphones, echoing many customers' calls to allow mobile devices to be used across wireless carriers without risking penalties once any contract promise is fulfilled. 

"If you have paid for your mobile device and aren't bound by a service agreement or other obligation, you should be able to use it on another network," wrote R. David Edelman, senior adviser for Internet, innovation and privacy at the White House, on WhiteHouse.gov. 

His response was drafted after the White House received more than 114,000 petitions on its website in support of reversing the ban, which became effective Jan. 26.....

The all powerful cellphone lobby won't support any liberalization because they enjoy the big bucks they keep getting from us.