Monday, March 18, 2013

Standing Against Kasich

*** There are more people speaking up against the agenda of Ohio Gov. John Kasich, and that includes Republicans.

Cincinnati notes that several big shots in the Ohio GOP have voiced their resistance to the Kasich budget and tax plans. Problems might be  exacerbated by the fact that Gov. Kasich just doesn't like hearing opposing views.

As more individuals and groups report their opposition to tax cuts for the rich, tax cuts for businesses, an increase in sales tax, it appears that Ohioans have just about had enough of John Kasich's right wing, penalize the poor, right wing agenda.

>>>> Why isn't Republican Rep. Steve Stivers complaining about cuts to veterans' education benefits under the sequester? Steve Stivers is whining about the fact that the President has cut tours of the White House to save money.  Touring the White House is a frivolous activity, but getting our vets the education benefits they deserve is more important. Get a grip, Stivers and Republicans!