Monday, March 19, 2012

The Fighting Continues

* The feud continues in the Ohio Republican Party.  Gov. Kasich appears to be throwing a tantrum to get his way.


Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine’s decision to forgo re-election when his two-year term expires in January is not enough for Gov. John Kasich.

The Republican governor wants DeWine gone now. And the governor will attempt to muscle DeWine out on April 13 when the party’s newly elected 66-member central committee meets...

....DeWine was unanimously elected to a second two-year term in January 2011 after leading the party to a sweep of all five statewide executive offices in the November 2010 election. But shortly after the election, Kasich asked DeWine to resign so that he could name his own chairman.....

Gov. John Kasich wants to be the dictator of the Ohio Republican Party. Let him destroy the Ohio GOP as he takes it more to the right.

Before the election for governor in 2010, some people that knew Kasich tried to warn voters about Kasich's caustic personality and egotistical nature.  Hopefully, people will remember Kasich's behavior, his push for SB5, and his goal to destroy our public education.  We do not need to provide him with any additional power or support.  Vote for more Democrats for the Ohio House and State Senate in order to pull out the rug from under Kasich.

*****  Guess which Republican went to work today!!!!!  Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel attended his first ever Board of Deposits meeting after skipping 14 previous meetings. It was so nice of him to take himself away from those fundraising trips to actually do his job.