Thursday, March 12, 2009

Obama Answers the Critics

President Obama has had to deal with many problems left by the previous administration. Despite his moves toward bipartisanship, the only word that Republicans can say is "NO!" Dan Froomkin's Blog at the Washington Post has some reaction from President Obama from a recent newspaper roundtable interview. Here is an excerpt from the Washington Post:

President Obama yesterday challenged his Republican critics to do more than just say no.

"Opposition is always easy. Saying no to something is easy. Saying yes to something and figuring out how to solve problems and governing, that's hard," he said in a roundtable interview with regional newspaper reporters.

"On this budget debate, for example, if you've got people who on the one hand say, 'We want to bring down the long-term deficit, but we don't want to cut certain programs that are important -- oh, and by the way we don't want to raise taxes' -- well, sounds good, you know, and I'd like to make sure that the Chicago Bulls win the championship every year and the White Sox win the Series. But you know, show me how you're going to do it."

The Republicans don't have any solutions or plans, but they are able to muster up the word "No." They're definitely not geniuses.


I was watching the daily press briefing from the White House, and I heard this from Chip Reid from ABC News (from Huffington Post and You Tube): (Note: at 21 sec. Reid says "...Democrats raising their ugly heads...")

Someone should ask Chip Reid what was the meaning of that remark. Is someone showing their media bias?????