Sunday, March 29, 2009

Carl Hiaasen Gets It Right

I don't know if you've read any of Carl Hiaasen's books, but he is an awesome writer. Hiaasen's books blend his knowledge of Florida, police work, and his humor into perfectly crafted stories. His column, which appears in the Miami Herald, is truly a refreshing read. This time Hiaasen has a few choice words about John Boehner and his rich friends. Here are a few excerpts from Hiaasen's column:

...Corporate lobbyists adore the man (Boehner), and the feeling is mutual. Boehner is well known for letting private interests fly him all over the place on golf excursions disguised as speaking gigs -- to Pebble Beach in California, Green Briar in West Virginia, St. Andrew's in Scotland....

....But here's the deal. If government is serious about rebooting the economy, reforming healthcare and improving public education, everybody's going to pay for it -- just like we're paying for this brilliant, trillion-dollar adventure in Iraq (which, by the way, Boehner thinks was a swell idea.)

The difference is that much of the money spent here at home will have a measurable impact on American children, college students, seniors, veterans, working families and small businesses....

If real change is to happen, things, including the Bush tax cuts must go. Boehner and his golf buddies have to put the country before their own selfish needs.