Friday, March 27, 2009

Jim Hughes: Wasting Time in Republicanville

Republican Jim Hughes, member of the Ohio Senate, would rather waste valuable time passing laws about urine than work on essential laws to get people back to work. Why does Hughes feel the need to concentrate on one man's sick preoccupation when, as columnist Ann Fisher writes in the Dispatch...

....The system of financing just about every state-government operation is on the brink of disaster. A never-more-important-than-now transportation bill is pending this week.

Side issues have stalled crucial legislation that would address prisoner access to DNA evidence that might prove their innocence, in a bill inspired by a Dispatch series.

The list goes on and on; yet, over in the Ohio Senate this week, testimony started on a bill that would address just one man's fetish for drinking boys' urine.....

Republicans in Ohio have done this previously. They'd rather work on DOMA (the defense of marriage act) than pass bills that fix education and get people back to work. The Republican politics of distraction is at work again.

Republican Jim Hughes should be given a severe talking to about his priorities.

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