Sunday, March 08, 2009

Ohio Republicans--- Out of Touch

> The Columbus Dispatch just cut 45 of their staff, according to The Other Paper:

“Knowing 45 people are losing their jobs because of the economy and a fundamental shift in how advertising dollars are spent is gut-wrenching,” he said.

The Dispatch Publishing Company made the decision to shift some of those rare advertising dollars itself, making drastic newsroom cuts the same week it launched its posh new quarterly magazine Capital Style published by John F. Wolfe’s daughter, Katie Wolfe Lloyd....

I've seen Capital Style and I was not impressed. The magazine seems like a waste of glossy paper. Too bad that forty-five people had to lose their jobs for it.

> Here is a surprise (NOT!): The right wing, Republican-loving, Columbus Dispatch raised "doubts" about Gov. Ted Strickland in an article today. After interviewing mostly Republicans for an article, the Dispatch concludes that some people aren't happy with Strickland. True. The Republicans aren't happy with Strickland!!!!! I guess the Ohio Republicans miss having the state government as being their personal cash cow.

> Rep. John Boehner, Ohio Republican leader in the U.S. House, announced that the Republicans will step up their attacks on President Obama, according to the Washington Post. Seriously. Boner and his GOP followers haven't had a new idea in several decades but they want to attack a President who is trying to undo the disaster left by the last Republican administration.

Here is my view of how the Republicans aim to solve all the problems of the country:
----Did you lose a job? Want to end the war in Iraq? Can't afford your child's college tuition?
The Republican solution: Give tax breaks to all the wealthy people. Even though giving more tax breaks to the rich won't feed your family or pay your bills or end the war in Iraq, it will make those people who contribute money to Republican candidates feel better.

To the Republicans, talking about tax breaks is like a drug. They are addicted to the words and it represents their only cure for the disease of recession.