Friday, March 13, 2009

Mathematical Formulas!!!!!!

Next on the agenda for Ohio will be redistricting. This should be interesting.
The Zanesville Times Recorder has more information about the plan:

A new Web site will let Ohioans try their hand at redrawing the state's congressional districts and then grade the results for fairness.

The League of Women Voters of Ohio, with the support of Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner and a few Democratic state lawmakers, wants to show that districts can be drawn more fairly using mathematical formulas....

I can just hear members of the Ohio GOP screaming, "Mathematical formulas! This is an insane idea!" In the past, Republicans have had a good old time drawing district maps in order to guarantee their continuing control of the state.

According to the article, Republican Jon Husted, allegedly of Kettering and Upper Arlington, but a State Senator from Kettering, wants to use an old Republican plan from 2006. I have a few words for Mr. Husted, "Don't count on getting your way this time."