Monday, March 30, 2009

More Chickens in Union County???

The subject of factory farms came up during the campaign for Ohio's 15th congressional district. Then Republican candidate, Steve Stivers, had been instrumental in passing legislation that gave factory farms more leeway in choosing locations for their massive operations. Now Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy has to deal with problems from the soon to be built massive egg farm planned by Hi-Q Farms. The massive factory farm will surround a horse farm that provides therapy for autistic and special needs children.

This Week:
....The horses at Serendipity Stables are about to get some new neighbors - about 6-million new neighbors.

If the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) approves a permit, Iowa-based Hi-Q Egg Products plans to build a 6-million-chicken egg farm adjacent to Serendipity Stables on state Route 47 near York Center....

"I have sent a letter to the governor about the expansion of Hi-Q Eggs into Union County," Kilroy said. "I think it's a real serious concern with 11-million chickens, the residents, the odors, the health concerns, the watershed concerns, the devaluation of people's property. There are family farms and businesses that will be affected. This latest example is Serendipity Stables. This big corporation is coming in and taking away from what people in Union County have spent their lives to build."

Kilroy said she didn't understand why Hi-Q chose the York Center location for its operation.....

If you've seen these huge factory farms, you are aware of their ugliness as well as the potential for environmental damage (water, soil, and air pollution). Homes and property values will plummet. The only people who will profit are the owners of the factory farms.