Monday, November 27, 2006

Waiting for News

2nd Update: On the News on channel 10 tonight, reporter Eve Mueller said there were 2600 provisional ballots that were thrown out in Franklin County and that those would be looked at during a recount. Kilroy won Franklin County. Also, Kilroy has not conceded. Thank you, Mary Jo.

There will probably be a recount in the vote tally for the Ohio's 15th district. has the story:

A winner has finally declared in the race between Republican Deborah Pryce and Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy, 20 days after the election.

Incumbent Deborah Pryce will still represent Ohio's 15th Congressional District, but this story is far from over.

The provisional ballots are in and the Board of Elections declared Pryce the winner.

Here's a look at the final numbers. Pryce had 110,711 votes to Kilroy's 109,657, giving Pryce a 50.2 percent to Kilroy's 49.8 percent. That margin is tight enough to require a recount.

Franklin County: Kilroy wins
Kilroy: 98,964
Pryce: 91,411

Madison County: Pryce wins
Kilroy: 5,073
Pryce: 8,344

Union County: Pryce wins
Kilroy: 5,620
Pryce: 10,966

When the votes are totaled, Pryce has a 1,054 lead.

In a press conference Monday, Pryce said that the results had been a long time coming and she was glad it was done.

Pryce also said she had not heard from Kilroy in regards to a concession.

When asked about how close the race was, Pryce said that some congressional races were determined by three or four hundred votes, so by those standards, the race was not close at all.

The Secretary of State's office will look at the final numbers. If there's confirmation that the vote difference is less than one half of one percent, which it appears to be, there will be an automatic recount. All three counties in the 15th district then have 10 days to do that.

> Ohio Governor-elect, Ted Strickland, has promised some big changes in Ohio. Political appointees are already cleaning out their desks.

> Who will Ohio State play in the national championship in January? I'm glad it won't be Notre Dame. Brent Musburger could not stop praising Notre Dame's coach, Charlie Weis, or quarterback Brady Quinn. Give me a break! When Ohio State played Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl, the Buckeyes beat them 34-20. Even then, the media talked about the offensive and defensive skills of Charlie Weis, and little about Ohio State. The TV cameras couldn't get enough of Brady Quinn and his sister. Enough already!!!

> This morning, NBC NEWS said it will now refer to the 'sectarian violence' in Iraq as a 'civil war' in their reports. Even though the White House has refused to use the term civil war, it has been apparent to all Americans that it is indeed a civil war. On this morning's Today Show, Retired General McCaffrey said that the violence is not just restricted to Baghdad but to all areas of Iraq.