Saturday, November 04, 2006

Pryce Is Willing to Stay in Iraq for Up to 4 More Years

In a debate that Republican Rep. Deborah Pryce (OH-15) had with her Democratic opponent, Mary Jo Kilroy, Pryce said the following (LINK):

"I’m willing to have U.S. troops in Iraq until we defeat terrorism in Iraq," said Pryce, who added that she hopes the troops can come home in less than four years. She talked of visiting Iraq and how the people "are liberated and they are happy in their freedom."

If you examine that statement, Pryce is willing to have your sons and daughters stay in Iraq for up to 4 years. That is very generous of her, don't you think? She is willing to let military families remain apart for another 4 years. Pryce is willing to have our money continue to pour into Iraq for another 4 years. Pryce is willing to have the military profiteers continue to make excessive profits for another 4 years.

Although Pryce might say today that what is happening in Iraq has no reflection on her, I would disagree. Her support of the war in Iraq has put our men and women in the military at risk every single minute they are in Iraq. It is time to tell Pryce and the Republicans to pack up their suitcases and go home. We simply cannot continue to have our service members in Iraq for another 4 years.

If you are tired of the scandals, lies, and the war, you know what you must do. If you want to change course, there is only one way-----
vote out the R's and vote for the D's (Democrats).