Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ohio 15th----Still Counting

UPDATE: 5:08pm
10TV said that Mary Jo Kilroy will not concede. At this time, Pryce is ahead by only 3,600 votes and provisional ballots and some absentee ballots have NOT been counted. Many of the ballots are from the OSU area. Pryce said that if she were in Kilroy's position that she'd concede. Yeah, sure. Let the count and recount begin!!! We will not be denied a counting for every single ballot! Nuff said.

It is not over in Ohio's 15th congressional district. With 30,000 provisional ballots to be counted, we won't know for at least one week who won the 15th. Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy has not conceded. Pryce holds a lead of only 4,000 votes.

Here in Ohio, we are happy to have elected Democrats to our state's highest offices:
Ted Strickland, Governor
Sherrod Brown, U.S. Senator
Marc Dann, Attorney General
Jennifer Brunner, Secretary of State
Richard Cordray, Ohio Treasurer
Zack Space, OH-18

I hope that Ted Strickland gets a big broom and cleans the state government.

In other news, Nancy Pelosi will be the new Speaker of the House. Yippeeeeeeeeeeee! With Democrats controlling the House of Representatives, we now set the agenda.