Saturday, November 11, 2006

Dispatch Article Seems to Cheer On Pryce

Here in Columbus, Ohio, all the votes from the November 7th election have still not been counted. With outstanding absentee ballots and provisional ballots to be counted the day after the Michigan game (Nov. 19th), it appears that the GOP and the Columbus Dispatch don't want all the votes counted. The Dispatch said they've done an "analysis" of the remaining ballots, and that, according to their "analysis," there is no way for Kilroy to win. Hey, Dispatch, here is what I think of your 'analysis.'


Why don't they want the votes counted? Why doesn't Pryce want to honor the right of every citizen to have their vote counted? Why is she afraid? Is Pryce afraid of losing? Is the Dispatch afraid of losing a powerful friend in DC? The Dispatch and Pryce aren't counting the votes. Pryce and the Republicans at the Dispatch should stop the whining and just ......

.......wait to have the votes counted!