Thursday, November 16, 2006

Provisional Ballots-The Continuing Story

You really have to give credit to Mary Jo Kilroy and Victoria Wulsin. Both women are Democratic candidates for the House of Representatives who refuse to concede to their Republican opponents from the November 7th election. Kilroy and Wulsin are waiting for the provisional ballots to be counted. Isn't that an interesting idea? Count every vote? So why are their Republican opponents against it? Here is the Dispatch article which talks about their efforts to count the provisional ballots:
With the outcome of her congressional race still not determined, Democrat Victoria Wulsin is urging supporters to make sure their provisional ballots were submitted properly.

Wulsin, who is trying to unseat Republican Jean Schmidt in the 2 nd Congressional District, trails by about 2,300 in the tally of ballots that have been counted.

But she contends there are about 8,600 uncounted ballots and she expects to win enough of them to overtake Schmidt.

Her effort is similar to one in central Ohio’s 15 th District, where Democratic challenger Mary Jo Kilroy has refused to concede to Republican incumbent Deborah Pryce.

Wulsin’s campaign and the Hamilton County Democratic Party are calling registered voters, encouraging those who voted provisionally to call their elections boards to make sure their ballots have the required information, such as the last four digits of their Social Security numbers.

Provisional ballots were given to voters if there was a question about their residency or eligibility to vote.

"This race is so close, and almost 9,000 voters who spoke out on Election Day have yet to have their voices heard," Wulsin said in a statement.....

It isn't over yet.