Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Make Sure Your Provisional Ballot Counts

Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy needs your help if you voted by provisional ballot. The Dispatch has the information:

Just days after the balloting that left her 3,600 votes away from a seat in Congress, Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy has reactivated her campaign to sniff out a few thousand voters who could hold the key to the election.

Kilroy’s campaign called about 70,000 voters last weekend and aired television and radio ads asking people who cast provisional ballots to contact the campaign and county boards of elections to make sure their votes in the 15 th Congressional District are counted.....

....At least 95 percent of people who voted provisionally in Franklin County were able to provide a Social Security card or driver’s license number that can be used to establish residency, said Franklin County Board of Elections Director Matthew Damschroder.

Those voters don’t need to do anything because the board can verify their eligibility on its own, Damschroder said. However, the voters can call the board of elections next week to make sure their votes are counted.

The remaining 5 percent who did not provide Social Security or driver’s license information must provide documentation in person by Friday, Damschroder said.

Unofficial results — which do not include provisional or late absentee ballots — show Pryce with 50.88 percent of the vote and Kilroy with 49.11 percent. If the gap narrows to within 0.5 percent, the boards of elections in Franklin, Madison and Union counties would be required to recount ballots.....

Here is the information from the Kilroy for Congress website:

If you received a yellow receipt when you voted, you cast a Provisional Ballot
Unless you take immediate action:

CALL (614) 462-3100 extension 5