Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Are You Kidding Me?

There are some news stories that just make you say, "Are you kidding me?" See if you agree with my assessments:

*Arkansas Times:

You thought $200 million was a lot for the Clinton Library in Little Rock?

How about a half-a-BILLION bucks for the Bush library in Dallas. That's the tab the NY Daily News is putting on a soon-to-be-announced fund drive. Oh, but wait. It's a library AND "think tank." Boy could stand to do some thinking.

The half-billion target is double what Bush raised for his 2004 reelection and dwarfs the funding of other presidential libraries. But Bush partisans are determined to have a massive pile of endowment cash to spread the gospel of a presidency that for now gets poor marks from many scholars and a majority of Americans.

The legacy-polishing centerpiece is an institute, which several Bush insiders called the Institute for Democracy. Patterned after Stanford University's Hoover Institution, Bush's institute will hire conservative scholars and "give them money to write papers and books favorable to the President's policies," one Bush insider said....

Wow! Will the only book be My Pet Goat? It looks like the Bush supporters are trying to put a positive spin on the miserable failure of the George W. Bush administrations. They are trying to re-write history. A Bush library built with this kind of money is a waste of time and money.

*Bush won't withdraw. Seacoast Online:
Under intense pressure to change course, President Bush on Tuesday rejected suggestions Iraq has fallen into civil war and vowed not to pull U.S. troops out "until the mission is complete..."

Just when will we know that the mission is complete? Will something happen? Personally, I don't think this administration know when the war will be over. They just want to leave it for the next president to clean up.

*How did Senator Inhofe get elected? Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma has called global warming a hoax and served as the Chair of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. The guy is obviously ignorant. Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer will replace Inhofe. Thank goodness!

*Ohio's unemployment rate for October was 5.1%, according to the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services. It must be all those fabulous minimum wage jobs at Walmart. By the way, Walmart is the single largest employer in Ohio. I don't shop there because they don't treat their employees fairly and they are unfair to their suppliers.

*Newt Gingrich wants to examine your right to freedom of speech. Idiot. According to the Union Leader:
Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich yesterday said the country will be forced to reexamine freedom of speech to meet the threat of terrorism.
Gingrich, speaking at a Manchester awards banquet, said a "different set of rules" may be needed to reduce terrorists' ability to use the Internet and free speech to recruit and get out their message....

Who wants to take advice from a guy who has been married three times and divorced twice? Gingrich is not my idea of a person to trust or use for advice. He can't handle his personal affairs and should not be looked at as a leader.