Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Time to Throw the Bums Out

We have waited for this day and now we have the chance to change almost everything. Vote a straight Democratic ticket. If you live in Ohio, vote No on 4 and YES on 5.

Here is our review:
Republican Rep. Deborah Pryce (OH-15)
---fully supports the failed policies of the Bush administration at home and in Iraq.
---says she is "willing" to have your sons and daughters stay in Iraq for another 4 years.
---said her best friend is pedophile and disgraced representative, Mark Foley.
---took money from PACs with ties to oil, gas, and pharmaceutical corporations.
---says that Ohio is on the "cusp" of an economic turnaround. Yeah, right? Is that why Ohio lost 200,000 jobs?
---has voted in lock step with DeLay, Boehner, Hastert, Ney, and the Republican leadership 99% of the time.
---has forgotten she represents the people of the 15th congressional district, not just the Republican Party.

It is time for change. Vote for Mary Jo Kilroy, Democrat for Congress.

A great reminder about the failures and corruption of the Ohio Republicans who control our state government, is the embezzlement trial of Republican fundraiser, Tom Noe. According to the Toledo Blade:
Prosecutors have said Noe took more than $2 million from the state coin funds he managed for the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and doctored records to cover the theft. He used the money, they said, to spend on his homes, past debt, and other personal items....
Ohio has lost so much because the Republicans lined their pockets while the jobs went away. It is time for change.
I'll be following election results and post whatever I can here.