Monday, November 06, 2006

Same Old Stuff or New Direction

Election day provides us with a real chance to change direction. If voters choose to stay with the Republicans, we know what they'll give us: scandal, ethics problems, lobbyists dictating the writing of legislation, and a continuation of the fiasco in Iraq. As Chris Matthews said this morning on the Today Show, if Republicans keep control, President Bush will say something like 'thank you for supporting my policies.'

The only real choice is to vote for change and a new direction. By voting a straight Democratic ticket, you are saying to the President and the Republicans ------- ENOUGH!

*If you live in Ohio, you've seen the new ad by Republican Mike DeWine. The ad has someone named Vicki Almay who makes some accusations about what happened in Sherrod Brown's office in 1986. Almay and her husband are major contributors to DeWine's campaign (several thousand dollars). Voters should also know that the employee that Almay and DeWine refer to was exonerated. This ad just shows has down and dirty DeWine and the Republicans have become.

Check out the video from Crooks and Liars that shows Chris Matthews accuses DeWine of smearing Brown.

*Look at my previous post that shows the Ohio hometowns of our troops who have died in Iraq. Republican Deborah Pryce lives in Upper Arlington, Ohio, an upper income suburb of Columbus, Ohio. Not one person from Upper Arlington has died in Iraq. Think about it.