Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Why is this published in Providence?

1. I have an interesting find this morning---- Deborah Pryce, Republican representative for Ohio's 15 district, has an opinion/guest column in the Providence Journal (Providence, Rhode Island!). Why? Was this sent directly to this paper or was it sent to other papers and only the Journal published it? Why is Pryce sending her campaign propaganda to a location outside of Ohio? Is she looking for contributions? Does she know that the people in her home district are not buying her rhetoric?

If you read the opinion piece, you'll find that it is very pro-Republican. Also, it over sells the Medicare Part D plan for seniors. Soon many seniors will reach the "donut hole" in their prescription drug coverage. Many senior citizens are finding that when they reach the donut hole that the costs of their prescription drugs have dramatically gone up in price. Will the anger of senior citizens at losing their prescription drug coverage prior to the fall election show up at the ballot box?

2. This just in.... From the TriState Observer:
...Ohio and, to a lesser degree, Indiana also present Republican House incumbents with local "climate" problems. Rep. Bob Ney of Ohio is already in major political trouble amid a federal investigation into his ties with imprisoned former lobbyist Jack Abramoff. But two other Ohio Republicans - Steve Chabot and Deborah Pryce - are also at risk of losing their seats, per the Cook list....

3. Deborah Pryce has made it into Business Week Online. Here is an excerpt:
...the politics of the economy could go from bad to worse for Bush and his fellow Republicans. The most recent round of government economic numbers indicates slower growth, falling productivity, skittering home sales, and rising joblessness, all factors that could loosen the GOP's 12-year grip on Congress. Among the Republican lawmakers imperiled by resurgent pessimism: Representatives Heather A. Wilson (N.M.), Nancy L. Johnson (Conn.), Curt Weldon (Pa.), and Deborah Pryce (Ohio)....

4. The Republican pick to replace Jack Abramoff's buddy, former Rep. Bob Ney, is not a nice person. Joy Padgett has a horrible reputation in Ohio because of her campaign tactics. Here is an excerpt from an article (Athens News) that explains what she did---

...Padgett drew criticism during her 2004 campaign for state Senate against Athens County businessman Terry Anderson. An advertisement for Padgett suggested that Anderson - a former journalist who was held hostage by Hezbollah in Lebanon for seven years - was sympathetic to his former captors.

"What she did to Terry Anderson was atrocious," said (Tim) Ryan. "That's gutter politics."

Yes, that Terry Anderson!

The man who was held hostage for almost seven years was attacked by Joy Padgett! Folks, this is the dirty politics, lack of ethics, and corruption that we witness everyday from Republicans like Padgett, Ney, Taft and the rest of the Ohio GOP.