Monday, August 07, 2006

Still Cautiously Optimistic

The Cook Report, which is notoriously pro-Republican, had a few observations about the upcoming midterm elections (CSMonitor):

...Ohio and, to a lesser degree, Indiana also present Republican House incumbents with local "climate" problems. Rep. Bob Ney of Ohio is already in major political trouble amid a federal investigation into his ties with imprisoned former lobbyist Jack Abramoff. But two other Ohio Republicans - Steve Chabot and Deborah Pryce - are also at risk of losing their seats, per the Cook list....

We here in the 15th congressional district are cautiously optimistic that the Democrats will win control of the House and the Senate. However, we also must remember that will our vote will be counted (or not counted) by Republican Sec. of State, Ken Blackwell.

Need a reminder about how Republican Rep. Deborah Pryce has been caught red-handed? Check HERE.

>There are some new ads that warn what a newly-elected Republican majority in the House and Senate would do to Social Security. The News Tribune has information about the ads:

...The ads are two 15-second spots aired back to back showing an older couple in a home sharing a hot dog. The woman splits a pill in half as the narrator says: “If George Bush and his backers in Congress privatize Social Security and cut benefits in half, what will you have to cut in half.”

The ads do not mention a candidate by name, but they are aimed at Reps. Deborah Pryce, R-Ohio, and Clay Shaw, R-Fla., and Sens. Conrad Burns, R-Mont., Rick Santorum, R-Pa., and Jim Talent, R-Mo.